This year, a new event will be held at Bury Thursday 13th of October from 2pm to 6pm, it’s “Make science.” Attention, this educational event is only open to students of science stream. But what is it ? Why only the Scientists ? What is the concept ? you may […]

Make Science

Fondé en 1946 par Jean Zay, le Festival de Cannes est le festival international de cinéma. Chaque année, il se déroule pendant douze jours à Cannes. Sa célèbre cérémonie d’ouverture et la montée des marches sont très médiatisés. Des cinéastes, des vedettes du cinéma et des centaines de journalistes du monde entier se […]

Festival de Cannes

The young people of workshop chaplaincy ” Cardiac Surgery ,” led by Mrs. PAUGAM (SVT teacher) , invite all youth to participate in a 2nd tifo at 14:00 Thursday, April 7, 2016 ( postponed) . The tifo is a form ” designed” the ground by people, to form a design […]

(Français) Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque

Thé dansant
Bury’s Tea Dance usually takes place on a Saturday afternoon when a hundred elderly people meet in order to have a good time together. Some of them attend it every year and are therefore really looking forward to it! This year, Bury’s Tea dance occurred on Saturday, March 19th.   […]

Bury’s Tea dance